Modern High performance AOP and Coroutine PHP Framework, base on Swoole 2

  • Based on Swoole extension
  • Built-in HTTP coroutine server
  • MVC layered design
  • High performance routing
  • Global dependency injection container
  • Flexible middleware
  • High performance RPC
  • Alias mechanism
  • Event mechanism
  • Internationalization (i18n) support
  • Validation
  • RESTful support
  • Great service governance, fallback, load balance, service registration and discovery
  • Connection pool with Mysql,Redis or RPC
  • Databases and ORM
  • Coroutine, asynchronous task delivery
  • Custom user process
  • RPC, Redis, HTTP, Mysql seamless switching between coroutines and synchronous blocking clients
  • Cross-platform application auto-reload
  • Powerful logging system
  • Powerful and comprehensive annotation

Project: swoft-cloud/swoft