Developer Tools

Swoft offers a number of built-in tools that are easy for developers to use.

Installing components

Most of the tools are placed in the Assembly swoft/devtool

composer require swoft/devtool

CLI Help Commands

Provides a write CLI help command so that users can quickly generate some basic class. The generated class file can be used with a little adjustment

  • Running environment check
  • Provides database table entity class generation
  • Provides basic class template file generation

Convenient Web UI

  • Server, application information display
  • Registered routing information (HTTP,WEBSOCKET,RPC)
  • Simple webSocket Test Tool
  • Simple log view (TODO)
  • Web version of class file generation (TODO)
  • And so on. View all kinds of information about servers and apps

More Features

Follow-up will add more help tools according to user needs, welcome users to provide comments and contribution code


Participate in contributions

You can modify the fork warehouse and then launch PR