Environmental construction

The next few articles focus on the construction of the operating environment that Swoft needs, as well as some usage care

  • What environment support is required to run Swoft
  • Manual operation on this machine (Mac Linux only)
    • Install the required packages
  • Run with Docker
    • Using official mirroring
    • Using Docker-compose

Environmental needs

You must install the

  • Install PHP and the version is at least>7.1
  • Installing PHP Package Managercomposer
  • Connecting iterator Dependency pcre libraries
  • Install PHP extension swoole, and the version is at least>4.3.0
  • Other PHP extensions that need to be installed and enabled are: PDOredis

There's a conflict.

The following is a list of some known and swoole conflicting PHP extensions, do not install or disable them when using Swoft:

  • xdebug
  • xhprof
  • blackfire
  • zend
  • trace
  • uopz