The first new era PHP high-performance co-stack framework based on Swoole native co-process, built-in Coprocessor network server and commonly used co-process client, resident memory, does not rely on traditional PHP-FPM, fully asynchronous non-blocking IO implementation, similar to the synchronization client writing to achieve the use of asynchronous clients, There are no complex asynchronous callbacks, no tedious yield, a go-and-go language synergy, flexible annotations, powerful global dependency injection containers, sound service governance, flexible and powerful AOP, standard PSR specification implementations, and more that can be used to build high-performance WEB systems, APIS, middleware, basic services, and more.

  • Based on Swoole extensions
  • Built-in Coprocessor network server
  • WebSocket Server
  • MVC Hierarchical Design
  • High Performance routing
  • Powerful AOP (tangent oriented programming)
  • Flexible annotation Capabilities
  • Global Dependency Injection Container
  • HTTP message implementation based on PSR-7
  • Implementation of container specification based on PSR-11
  • PSR-14-based event manager
  • Middleware based on PSR-15
  • Cache design based on PSR-16
  • Scalable, high-performance RPC
  • RESTful Support
  • Internationalization (i18n) support
  • Fast and flexible parameter verifier
  • Perfect service governance, fuse, downgrade, load, registration and discovery
  • Universal Connection Pool Mysql, Redis, RPC
  • Database ORM
  • Co-process, asynchronous task delivery
  • Customizing user processes
  • Seamless automatic switching of co-process and synchronous blocking clients
  • Alias mechanism
  • Cross-platform thermal update automatic Reload
  • Powerful log system